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[closing stocks] financial and energy stocks led the S & P Five even the end of the vagina finger soared more than 300 points FX168 hearing due to financial and commodity stocks such as the recent decline in the larger stock rebound in U.S. stocks on Friday (February 12th) a big rebound, the S & P 500 index ended the five day falling trend. Worries about global and US economic growth have dragged down the stock market since the beginning of this year, and the S & P 500 index is still 12 lower than last year’s 31 – day closing rate of 8.8%. U.S. crude oil futures rose 12.3%, boosted energy stocks rose 2.6%, material stocks rose 2.9%. Investors have also bought a bigger drop in financial stocks before. U.S. listed Deutsche Bank surged 12%, to $17.38, and the S & P financial stocks index rose 4%, the biggest one-day percentage gain since November 2011. Pioneer Investment Management portfolio manager John Carey said: "the European stock market strength, European bank stocks rise is particularly significant, have a positive impact on the American banks and other financial stocks in popularity." The company manages about 220 billion dollars worth of assets. In January, part of the dynamics of consumer spending in the United States helped boost market sentiment. The Dow rose 313.66 points, or 2%, at 15973.84 points; the S & P 500 index rose 35.7 points, or 1.95%, at 1864.78 points; the NASDAQ rose 70.68 points, or 1.66%, at 4337.51 points. A week ago, the stock market sell-off, the S & P 500 index Thursday fell to a two-year low, three index are down this week, the Dow fell 1.4%, the S & P 500 index fell 0.8%, the NASDAQ fell 0.6% Carey said: "the market may have some oversold, some overly pessimistic, so buyers bought some stocks of bargain hunting. Now determine whether the stock market began to more sustained rebound too early, but today the market is encouraging, it shows that although this year the stock market volatility, investors are still interested in investing in the stock market." Despite Friday’s rebound, but the stock market still fell for two consecutive weeks, since February 5th fell 0.8%; this is the S & P 500 index for the fifth consecutive Friday volatility reaches or exceeds 1.8%, the last time this happened was during the great depression. According to a stock market sentiment index, this year’s U.S. stock market crash, investors lost optimism, but not extremely pessimistic. (source: Peng Bo, FX168 financial network) according to the American Association of individual investors in the latest weekly survey, only 19.2% of respondents bullish, is the second time this year to less than 20%. From the beginning of the bull market in March 2009 to the end of last year, only once fell below 20% level. Of the respondents, 48.7% were bearish, and 10 had passed 50% times over the past 7 years. Next Monday, the U.S. stock market closed, while the Chinese stock market ended the Spring Festival holiday reopened. Proofreading: Pakistan into Sina Finance shares fit [discussion]

【美股收盘】金融、能源股领涨 标普结束五连阴 道指暴涨逾300点   FX168讯 因金融和商品股等近期跌幅较大股票反弹,美国股市周五(2月12日)大举反弹,标普500指数结束五日连跌态势。对全球和美国经济增长的担忧拖累股市在今年初以来走低,标普500指数较去年12年31日收盘水准仍低8.8%。   美国原油期货大涨12.3%,提振能源股上涨2.6%,材料股大涨2.9%。   投资者还大举买入之前跌幅较大的金融股。美国上市的德意志银行急升12%,报17.38美元,标普金融股指数大涨4%,为自2011年11月以来的最大单日百分比涨幅。   Pioneer Investment Management投资组合经理John Carey说道:“欧洲股市走强,欧洲银行股升幅尤为显着,这对美国银行股和其它金融股的人气产生了一定的积极影响。”该公司管理着约2,200亿美元的资产。   1月美国消费者支出重拾部分动能也扶助提振市场人气。   道指收盘上涨313.66点,或2%,报15,973.84点;标准普尔500指数大涨35.7点,或1.95%,报1,864.78点;纳指上升70.68点,或1.66%,报4,337.51点。   一周来,股市遭抛售,标普500指数周四跌至两年低位,三大指数本周均收跌,道指下挫1.4%,标普500指数跌0.8%,纳指下滑0.6%   Carey说:“市场可能有一些超卖,有些过度悲观,所以低吸买家进场买入一些股票。现在判断股市是否开始更持续的反弹为时尚早,但今日行情令人鼓舞,它显示尽管今年以来股市走势震荡,投资者仍然有兴趣投资股市。”   尽管周五反弹,但美国股市依然连续两周下跌,自2月5日以来下跌了0.8%;这也是标普500指数连续第五个周五波动幅度达到或超过1.8%,上次发生这种情况还是在大萧条期间。   根据一项股市人气指标,今年美国股市大跌让投资者失去了乐观,但还没有极度悲观。   (图片来源:彭博、FX168财经网)   美国个人投资者协会的最新周度调查显示,只有19.2%的受访者看涨,是今年第二次低于20%。从2009年3月牛市开始到去年年底,只有一次跌破20%的水平。受访者中48.7%的人看跌,而过去7年突破50%的次数高达10次。   下周一,美国股市休市,而中国股市则结束春节假期重新开市。   校对:巴飞特 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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